William Loren Ebarb

William Loren Ebarb is native of Los Angeles and has been in the beauty industry practicing the art of hairdressing for 30+ years as a cutter and colorist  After a 2 year apprenticeship beginning in the mid 80’s he honed his craft by joining several artistic teams and winning many competitions.  On to New York for a four year stint strictly doing freelance work on fashion photo shoots, editorial and every NYFashion Week working on shows for Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and Isaac Mizrahi among others.Coming back to LA he found a home at The Ramos Carreon Salon and continued his freelance work getting written up In Vogue and Allure mags.He’s also worked on countless movies, tv shows, worked with countless celebrities, studios and photographers and even shot a season of Project Runway when it shot in LA.  Life is beautiful and Beauty gives me life.